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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:

That woman was indeed moronic to hack off her DDs. She's no Scarlet Johansen, but with ginormous baby bottles she almost certainly had 100x the sex appeal that she has now..

He seen to many naked chicks and making a big deal about the game just make a fucking guess and look and these chicks tittys.

+ULTRADREW1 what kinda of therapy turns someone's outward personality around so muchI thought it was for dealing with personal feelings and such.

+Wodiya Breshnev Dealing with personal issues in a different way can change one's outward personality drastically..

Enough with the comments. The only reason the bit went wrong was because none of the chicks were hot. See ya ladies. You're lucky Ralph didn't chime in..
Queen Ophelia has to ask what SoCo is. I take it back, she may be royalty after all. "What foul poison swill doth thee weak serfs imbibe by!!!". Howard can't work the phones, mica & even the smallest comprehension !! What a stupid fuck. Speaking of stupid fuck, blobin is a twat. " That's what I was going to say ". Howard does not pay attention because they clearly explained that they wanted people to guess before, lawls!.
+RightHonourable Zeus I don't know about that. I do know he's wrong and how much he can't admit when he's wrong. He does however admit that's a problem of his. .

Who ever complains about the people who upload Howard stern shows and does not like seeing woman's breast is an asshole. People out there don't have Howard tv in there area or with there cable company's..

hmmm...the last 3 minutes were chopped apart so much i felt like i lapsed in and out of a coma 14 times.


If anyone ruined this bit, it was Howard. He was acting like a fuggin dick, These chicks were allll ready to take off their tops. .
Support Radio Gold- you will never see any other radio show like this in your lifetime. Be grateful !.
I wouldn't blame KC. They were supposed to tell their stories, but didn't get a chance to. Still an amusing segment (though I wouldn't have minded seeing the breast exam on that drunk middle girl :P) Thanks, as always, for more classic KC..
if its a woman reporting uploaders, they're jealous...if its a man, they're gay...either way, real clowny.
I guessed it was the middle girl from the start since she had the biggest tits and figured she had even bigger ones to get them reduced down to the ones she has now which im sure look great, fuck you howard, ruined your own segment..
anyone who reports uploads like this should be banned. you don't find these types of uploads unless you actively search for them. another thing: these three are annoying. the middle one in particular. nothing worse than a group of sloppy, drunk girls..

Chemotherapy for breast cancer

January 6, 2016
Information about breast cancer treatment, prevention, genetics, causes, screening, clinical trials, research and statistics from the National Cancer Institute. i1
Breast implants and mammography: what we know and what we...

January 12, 2016
Chemotherapy (chemo) is a breast cancer treatment with cancer-killing drugs that may be injected into a vein or given by mouth. Learn more about chemo. i2
Radiology Imaging Services in Kansas City | The University...

January 3, 2016
MD Anderson Cancer Center is committed to providing the best breast cancer care. Learn more about breast cancer facts, types and information today. i3
Imaging Center at Cypress - Wichita, Kansas

January 10, 2016

Comments about this video:

Another Amazing event in Kansas city, Missouri...been all around the country and over sea's and I still love partying in my own home town! WELL DONE...if you have never been to one of these events you are MISSING OUT! .

What is breast cancer? - Canadian Cancer Society

January 2, 2016
Female breast cancer is most common in middle-aged and older women. Although rare, men can develop breast cancer as well. i5
K.C. Brains's Pricelist - KC Brains Holland

January 7, 2016
Posts about brainpower written by Diagnostic... benefit, body, boost, brain, brainpower, breast, breasts... imaging, important, kansas city, kc, mammogram... i6
Breast Augmentation | The University of Kansas Hospital...

January 14, 2016
Surgical reduction of breast size in order to reduce the weight of the breasts and relieve symptoms from unusually large, pendulous breasts. i7
NCI Community Oncology Program - Kansas City (NCORP-KC)

January 8, 2016

Comments about this video:

Recipe & Resource Centres | Walmart Canada

January 11, 2016
Kansas City, KS MRI Cost Comparison. Directory;... Breast MRI (Both Breasts... Our goal at NewChoiceHealth is to provide you with comprehensive medical pricing... i9
Secondary breast cancer in the brain

January 13, 2016
The University of Kansas; Make a Donation; News; Careers; Find Us; Contact Us; About Us; request an Appointment; or call 1-800-322-6048; Patient Care; Cancer Information; i10
KC Brain Train | Neurofeedback Transforming Lives

January 1, 2016
Posts about brain written by Diagnostic Imaging Centers... general, health, kansas city, kc, mcghie, medical... breast health... i11
Bra Couture KC - The Art of Supporting Cancer Survivors

January 9, 2016

Comments about this video:
I can't believe they made a video to raise awareness for breast cancer, especially considering he's a guy and some guys are weird and cringey about that kind of shit. good on you Skye, this is why tipsy bartender is my fave 😁. +Katie Utting Guys are no more weird and cringey about that kind of shit. We care just the same as the other half, and I don't know any guys that get weird about breast cancer. We aren't a bunch of toddlers..
i cant stand this girl just fuck him already cuz you act like a total idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Advanced breast cancer is so scary and disgusting. No one wants that. I hope you'll do another awareness episode this year Skyy..

awwww!!! Sky is so sweet to be concerned about our boobies ;) Sorry to hear about your granny though.
" How are you going to discipline me" " I don't know, talk it over maybe" lmao.

She's my absolute favorite tho I feel like I say this every episode. They're all pretty fucking awesome.

maybe that's why us Albertans consume the most alcohol in Canada! legal drinking age 18 boooyaaaaa.

hey I am a two time breast cancer survivor that had a double mastectomy twice. I've been dealing wit cancer since I was 21. My 25th birthday is coming and I was wondering can you recommend a pink drink that goes with the theme "pink and white breast cancer survivor".

+Brittany Danyelle - And here I was thinkin' that MY ability to slam back an undisclosed number of Four Horsemen shots was legendary. (tips hat) Go on now....
+Brittany Danyelle Think it would be better with Lemon jello instead I feel like it would get more of the iced tea flavor going for it!. +Brittany Danyelle You were already one of my favorites before and now that I know you're an Eagles girl, you're now at the top of the list. Fly Eagles Fly. Can you use 3 cups of plain vodka instead of all the other alcohol I know it wont have the same taste or anything, but could you . My grandmother also died from breast cancer. She caught in time the first time and she had her left breast removed and when she found out she had it the second time she decided not to do anything about it. Then it spread to her brain and she started treatment but it was to late. I got it when I was 17 but luckily I caught it in time and had the lump removed. When I was 20 I found out that a cyst that had been on my ovary sense I was 17 was actually cancer that had spread from my breast and had to have both of my ovaries removed. I'm 23 now and looking at a total hysterectomy because I have spots on my uterus and cervix. It turns out even though we caught it in time to just remove the lump in my breast it had already spread and nobody knew. My advice do self checks at home and when you get to the right age get your mamagrams done. I go once every 6 months and there not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. . Hi! Sorry for my english but I'm French. I think you can be proud of yourself because you're really strong! My grandma died last year from breast cancer, and my mother is fighting right now! Sometime she's tired of that, and I think you're an exemple for me and for here. So, thank you for your message, and please, take care of yourself.. My only question...why'd you guys make white tittys To appeal to majority of viewers most likely but you should've represented..
Yea I live like 30 to 40 minutes away from LA... And I wish I could go! But I got some priorities I have to deal with ;P.

Brittany's reaction to the amount of booze going in... IT'S A LONG ISLAND, GIRL... lmao what did you expect.
My mom has breast cancer it's sad see my mom deal with cancer. I take care her. I cry worried about her . Brittany has HORRIBLE taste in football teams!!!!! I can say that being a born and bred Philadelphian myself.. Brittany I don't have one. I'm not a fan of football in general and SOOOO not a fan of the Eagles. It seems like every year they start off good and get to the end of the line only to stumble and fall. I get sick of hearing "next year" like they actually have a chance of winning. Plus I like to annoy the people in the city when I say I'm not a fan.. Well, for once I didn't find Brittney unusually annoying and strange. And yes this one did have a ton of booze. Get your tilt on! . +Brittany Danyelle I'm saying it just appears you have toned it down a bit. I didn't say that you are bad or anything. It just takes some getting used to you. I'm weird too, so I understand. Its all good.. I'm curious, what's the point of using like 5 different types of liquors if you can't really taste the difference together I mean for a long island by itself it would make sense, but with the jello, why not just use vodka only or rum only.
The fact that she says she doesn't want to fuck Skyy...then; her tits. Dat Jello be the only thing real..

ffs brittany get off the show ur so lame and shit and i usually never hate on people but this is a special case >.>.
"How do i check" i hope you are kiding! Thats horrible! Mammogram your tatas not instagram them!!! And self exams at home are super important too! :) .
+Brittany Danyelle Thank you in doing perfectly fine and they never really hurt that bad but they are quite uncomfortable. .

Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments - Medical...

January 5, 2016
Breast Lift Surgery, also known as Mastopexy, is available in Kansas City with breast augmentation specialist Dr. Gary Hall i13
Breast Cancer Society of Canada - Types of Breast Cancer

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February 6, 2016

Comments about this video:

December 27, 2015
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January 21, 2016

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December 3, 2015

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January 18, 2016

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November 6, 2015

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January 28, 2016

Comments about this video:

January 23, 2016
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February 6, 2016

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February 9, 2016

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January 22, 2016

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February 11, 2016

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