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  • January 19, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Get Bigger Boobs From A - C cup Naturally Without Surgery.>>
    i dont know they seeds... plz any one tell me..who have to try this and really it done for grow to breast size. I didn't go into this expecting much, if any, results from these ayurvedic remedies. I already have quite large breasts but after a kid, they aren't as full as they used to be. I used finn assetz breast cream Having had it a few weeks now, I think I can say that this really does everything.I notice a good difference in the fullness of my breasts, especially on top which is where I hoped for the most improvement, this product did not irritate my skin at all, I love it...
    Where do you find all of the ingredients (Please don't say at your local market or grocery store)😊.

    I Increase my breast size by 2 cups with the help of a breast enhancement program all you girls should try this....
    will it be fine if i can use fenugreek powder with olive oil, clove oil and coconut oil instead of plain water please lemmi know. thnx.
    wow its about the heart and soul if a women had big boobs and she was your wife dont u think dirty men wuold check her out and try to stell her just for those tits.

    Appreciate Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard the talk about - Patlarny Natural Beauty Principle (should be on google have a look) It is a smashing exclusive product for increasing your breast size minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my best friend Jordan got excellent results with it..
    Hi everyone I am soundariya and my friends call me just sound.Because I am always talkins loud. My wish become a anchor in vijay t.v..
    +Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! does the feenugreek works in butt enlargement too and also to the legs I really need your answer plsss.. Thanks.
    +abigail rachel the hell you care big braggart.. intelligence not comes with how you pronounce fucking words but how you tell everything orderly and nice... she's atleast giving helpful remedies to people and not SELFISH!. Flaxseed oil is also amazing for breast growth! By the way, don't use Fenugreek powder. Use Fenugreek EXTRACT. Your skin cannot absorb powder.. Appreciate Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you researched - Patlarny Natural Beauty Principle (google it) It is a great exclusive product for increasing your breast size without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my good mate called Gray at last got amazing results with it..
    +Homeveda Do you have to put the fenugreek powder into the breast everyday And how long it takes for the results .

    Please visit ekunji OR Jaipur the pink city on YouTube for this ,you will find easy and simple tips.👍👍🍀.
    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover info about natural breast enhancement try Breast Actives Beautiful Curves (just google it ) Ive heard some super things about it and my partner got great success with it..
    Hello eating fenugreek seeds cooked as dish can benifit or it will cause any disadvantages .

    +Cherrie Michalowski >>The best news here for females. You possibly can grow your breast 2 cup in size with an 'Unusual' Breast Enhancement tips.>>>.
    +Lea Lahoud Why don't you try and see for yourself...these are all natural ingredients so you don't need to worry about any side effects.
    +angel time>>>You possibly can grow your breast 2 cup in size with an 'Unusual' Breast Enhancement tips.>>>.

    +Brittaney>>>Increase Your Breast Size By 2 Cups, Naturally & Without Surgery ===>>>.
    +Maren Davidsen >>>The breast enhancement industry will not like you to understand it. Find out more here >===>>
    There's an easier way to englarge your breast by putting heat on... and i mean really heaat first get a wooden paddle nd put it over the stove once it gets hot enough let it cool down for a moment then wrap a little towle over it so u wont burn your breast off then while the paddle is hot still covered with the towel start putting on your breast circle around your breast for 5 min then do the same to the other breast nd do this twice a day nd ydoes pressuring heat on your breast make them growou will see instante result really quick and be careful with this method... bye.
    Uhh.. I was a 32 "A" cup in high school. 6 yrs and 1 kid later 36 D. They pop out of tops and tge bras are uncomfortable... Be careful about what you wish for. Hust sayin. Hubby loves them, but they dont look as good bare. .
    **********%%%%% Awesome video,I like this method..Thanks for uploading such as nice video.. %%%%%**************.

    Mera breast bouth dhal gai mai married hoo aur bouth chota hai app achaa sajesion dijea aur rooz lagane hai kya.

    Some months ago I had the same problem. I desired bigger breasts but not with therapeutic therapy or surgery because of anxiety. As I was searching for alternatives my cousin recommended me a book called jolan curve boosting (just google it). The book gives explanation how to give your breasts a boost only by doing trainings and eating the right things and I achieved satisfying results ;).
    HEY LADIES IM GOING TO TAKE ON THIS FENUGREEK CHALLANGE I WILL BE POSTING VIDEOS ON MY PROGRESS HOPE YOU GUYS WATCH AND LETS HOPE FOR THE BEST!. Some months ago I was facing the same problem. I sought after larger boobs but not with therapeutic treatment or operation because of the horror what could go wrong. As I was searching for alternatives my auntie recommended me a book called curve boosting jolan (should be on google). The book describes how to achieve bigger breast only by doing aerobics and eating the right things and I reached awesome results ;-).
    Mam can i get d result in 15 days by using both methods fenugreek n cod liver oil I hav not much tym.

    HI use hot oil ya after cold apply.n not required daily time we make it one week oil..

    Ladies! Ingesting fenugreek or rubbing it or any other herb on your breasts will not make them larger. I don't know why this uninformed woman in the video is giving people false hope. Genetics determines your breast size. Period. If you don't have the genes than only implants, fat transfers, or hormones such as estrogen (very dangerous) will add size to your breasts. I have not heard of one person yet that honestly got any increase in their breast by taking fenugreek or any other herb. If there is one out there that has gotten results than prove it. Massage doesn't help either. It's very therapeutic but it DOES NOT increase breast size. This video is a clear example of false advertising. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!.

    Yeah...that is depressing for those who want an increase. If you don't have the genetics or really overactive hormones during puberty/pregnancy then there is really no hope (unless you get surgery that is). Oh well!.
    About months ago I realised that my breasts are much smaller than from other women. I aimed greater boobs but not with medical therapy or surgery because my doctor-phobia. As I was searching for alternatives a friend mentioned me a book called ( ). The book explains how to give your breasts a boost only by doing aerobics and eating the right things and I got great results.
    Hi Homeveda... :) I have some free time for the next four months and wanted to give these remedies a go. What is the best way to approach this I mean how can I increase my chances of getting good results from this method. Does using both the methods lead to better results Also, I could actually leave the "sauf" oil overnight instead of 30 minutes. Is that a better idea Plus, how many times a day should I do this. Cos of some comments I have seem "few times a week" and for other "few times a day", so I am a bit confused. I can do the "saunf oil" method twice in the 24 hour period(before going to bed and after I shower)...Also, are there any things(like certain foods or exercises) that I should avoid while using this method for four months Plus, will I get permanent results or temporary Will my breast go back to the original size after I stop using it or will increased size stay Waiting for your reply :) Cheers, Iashrai :) .
    Also one last thing, while massaging should the mixture touch the nipples or not Like should I massage the whole breast or leave the nipple alone when massaging...Sorry about the multiple messages, it's just that i don't want to do anything wrong..
    +Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! Hi again...the cod liver oil I bought has some other things in it (for example it is lemon flavoured). Will this have any affect on the outcome Should I buy a bottle of 100% cod liver oil only Also how long should I massage for I have been massaging it for 15-25 mins everyday. thanks again..

    my self archana i have applied garlic juice at acne spot i got burned now my face is so ugly how can i cure from this problem.
    You can apply turmeric mask for your acne scars. Mix 1tbsp of besan (chickpea flour), 1/2tbsp turmeric powder with milk or water and apply on your face until dry (10-15mins) and scrub it off. And don't forget to put on moisturizers :)).
    M just 19 yrz old n I have small breast itz 28 size plzzzzzzz suggest me a good think 2 increase it...plzzzzz aftr 2 yrz m getting married...plz help me :-(.
    There is a desperation reflected in her style of writing, without knowing deeply how precious her life is. Even if you convert her same words into full forms and formal style of writing, they wouldn't look impressive. Hence, I just don't want to help her. Those who want to are welcome and she can have a happy married life from age 21 to 100, I wouldn't want to associate with her in any way. I am a totally different person. If she really cared, she must be reading answers to her question No, looks like she's not..
    what i mean is instead of making it into messager why not take fenugreek as a form of medicine and consume it insteadcause breast growth is related to estrogen.isnt itrather than message isnt your body level estrogen responsible and doent it need internal treatment.
    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would shed pounds with Fat Blast Factor, but then I showed them the results. Go google Fat Blast Factor to see their reaction..
    even i'm 20 years old and i apply all this, will it work the same and how many times i have to repeat it and for how long will it work.

    Have you experienced Skinnimaker System (check it out on google) It is a quick way for you to lose weight fast..
    hi I m suffering with uterus swelling and unable to conceive. i had a miscarriage 4 years before. and i m suffering with arthritis as well something like gout attack i have regular pain in wrists both. plz suggest i m fed up frm my life. i m just 27 .
    I used extra virgin olive oil instead of cod liver oil, it really works. I went from a AA to an A cup in about 4 weeks..

    Hi Meaghan Are the results permanent How many times a day and how long did you use it for .

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  • January 23, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    The funny thing is, at the start of the video she's talking about money issues and now, just a few years later she's making like $4 million a year. YOU GO, GIRL!. Lol I did the 2 bra thing today and my boyfriend was like "did your boobs get bigger holy shit" and I felt really guilty lol.
    i don't understand when people say women making their boobs look bigger is "false advertisement" last i checked women weren't objects for sale :).
    Ugh I'm only watching because Jenna has a great commentary. I don't need this advice. I'm only 13 and I'm D Cup. 😂😭.
    I wish my boobs looked that good with just ONE bra!!! I'm barely an get that size of the ONE bra I need to do the WHOLE process you talked about!!! Haha...I'm laughing but I'm crying in the inside.
    +EverydayBeautiful L.A. You'll be laughing when your boobs still look great at 50 and the girls you envy now have them hanging down to their belly button, haha..
    +eagleeye929 Not everyone the same😂There's something girls use so it could be still up if it was down😂.
    I found a best Breast enlargement program that is tested by thousands of women and I also tried it and get great result _________________________________________________________. Really I am very happy to say for my BREAST. For a long time ago my Breast was too small and low but Now it is very very Attractive and SEXY. My boyfriend is very happy and I am also Happy. So everybody Here The LINK I used natural ENLARGEMENT >>>> #############################################################. And when guy take off all your clothes he will see that you have really small boobs. That is same if guy put 30 cm cucumber in pants lol. I used to be a massage therapist and one of the easiest ways to add a little volume to your breasts is to have your pectoral majoris muscles relaxed by a therapist.. Whenever Jenna does the annoying girlfriend tags in her videos now she kind of sounds a little like she does in these really old videos. Not hating on Jenna at all, I love her, but in these older videos her voice sounds a little bit like that. Thumbs up if you know what I'm talking about.. Well on the how to make ur boobs look bigger video you said pin your bra in back that's dangerous how bout just criss cross ur bra strap. Wtf is wrong with blonde hair. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting fake tits or hair, their body, who are you to comment.. No that is incorrect there have been multiple science surveys that say that is false but it can hurt your ribs with the pressure. This is sorta shaming fake boobs. Hey. Fake boobs have feelings too. Although, she makes a good point. Kermie and...the other one would be sitting a lot higher if she had fake tits. Although, Jenna doesn't have to try very hard to impress guys, so sure. No need for fake boobs. "I just want to look good." For yourself Do you do that when you're taking a shower Do you do that before you go to bed Do you do that when you're home alone The answer is probably no. Because the only instance when you want to look good is when you're around other people. Jenna is usually so good with typical self-delusions, too. :/ It is sorta fake advertising, too, though. Particularly if you pick someone up at the club or bar or wherever. :O VICTIM BLAMING! Oh, I see. So it's MYYYYYYY fault for not recognizing a scam. Okay then Jenna. Alright. That's how you wanna play it. That said. Boobs are kinda boobs, so it doesn't really matter that much. Unless it's like a huge difference..
    +Elizabeth Lacasse Like I said, if you are trying to pick up guys by making yourself look super different than you really do, then yes. You are selling something. But hey. It's your funeral. Like that one guy who married that one woman who was butt-ugly, but managed to make herself appear attractive with makeup. Or the man who met up with some catfish, buying a $2,000 plane ticket to go meet her, and when he saw her, she was completely different from her profile picture, so he proceeded to beat the shit out of her. If you're making yourself into something you're not, and trying to use that fakeness to pick up guys, then yeah. You're selling something. And her utter disgust for fake boobs really really implied it..

    So basically.. If they appear huge from the front, but on the side they look compressed, that's generally what they're going for, the fake look. But if they look huge from both the front and sides, they're real. Got it..
    Um that's not really correct because most boobs are more compressed on the side. My boobs look smaller from the side but they are actually very big it depends on placement. I guess it works both ways.. Having big boobs sucks, having small boobs sucks... No one is ever satisfied. :P But hey, every size has it's benefits. Big boobs make a mean cleavage, and small boobs are made for running easier. So it's a win win haha. you are a very beautiful women, you can make your boobs look bigger if you whant but there are some people outhere who doesn't care about breast size like me, I don't care if they are small or massive, without makeup your are very beautiful B-).
    Can't pull the trick off in the bedroom as that is where this BS is heading. Girls, just be yourself. You don't need to fake anything..
    +Tommy Does Nerf I've stayed loyal to every person I've dated, I believe cheaters are scum of the earth. Hah, I'm an a cup. Did this (all of the steps) and wore a tight dress, went out in public and was whistled at (almost never happens here in Germany.) Yay.
    Because boobs are magical. I'm a straight girl watching this who has no plans to ever do this to myself..

    Wait isn't this like the scene in Dodgeball where Ben Stiller air-inflate his pants to make his crotch look huge, and just end up looking totally ridiculous and pathetic Also since when "trciking people" became deserving of so much thumbs up from people on Youtube If someone made a video "being honest with people.." you would find the same amount in dislikes, haha sad laugh.

    Can u ask what you mean by tricking people Women aren't objects that are advertised. It's not trick if to feel confident..
    Did you cut the t-shirt to have a low neckline or did it come that way. If you cut it, you should do a tutorial for altering clothes to sexy them up!.
    so you get ready to look good and have fun but not for guys. So why dress up then cant u have that same amount of fun going out in sweatpants and no makeup if guys dont matter it makes no sense. To guys, dressing a certain way means nothing ima have the same amount of fun in jeans vs trackpants. But if i wanna look good, id go jeans. its the same thing for girls dont even act like it isnt.
    We don't do it for guys we do it for us because we like how we look with makeup on you won't have much fun if you think you look like crap.
    +lillian bouchard i get that girls have fun with their makeup and such i get it! but just to bust balls, like i said, wouldnt u have fun in ur sweatpants and no makeup with your friends too u obviously are implying that the fun comes from meeting guys and such which is only gunna happen with makeup on most likely or at least thats what yall think. again i dont mean to start anything but im just curious. girls can have the same level of fun outside of a bar just with their friends with no makeup on..

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  • January 12, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +Aysegul Balko massage for approx. 15 minutes on each breast with the mixture of turmeric and honey. Sleep with the mixture on body and wash in morning.. hlw ,mam. Almost all the almond oil I can find in online store is sweet almond oil. For example, Hamdard Rogan Badam Shirin 100ml Sweet Almond Oil 100% Pure. I dont know if this works. plz help me.thx~.
    Hi i m pramod from locknow..your each eopisod is very techfull..thanks for your job i hv so more qustion but i want not post my qustion who to reach you....
    +Khan Kajol ye remedy pe bhi depend karta hai aur aapki condition pe bhi depend karta hai. Yahan maalish wali remedy aur Milk ke saath Akhrot khane wali remedy ek saath use ki jaa sakti hai.. +jaipurthepinkcity Mam muje ye pochnahai ki assteno pr almand oil legane ko bola hai to medical me bajaj almand oil our rogan badam oil hai to kunsa ues kery thnks. +Syed Akbar packet par ingredients ki list check kijiye. Wo oil lena hai jisme sirf almon oil ho, koi doosra oil mix na ho, kyunki almond oil ke kuch popular variations actually hair growth ke liye aate hain, jinhe almond oil ke naam se hi becha jaata hai, but unme almond oil ke saath amla oil aur doosre oil bhi mix rehte hain..
    +Prmod Jaan we don't find your question. Please write us your question by clicking the "Reply" button available below this answer..

    +ekunji Hi interesting video there but I am just confused as to how these ingredients will work. Turmeric, lemon juice, honey, onion juice...all these things work for other beauty remedies like clearing skin, even tone...but I have never heard of them increasing breast size..The only ones I have heard that increase breast size are fenugreek and fennel...So yeah a bit confused there, could you explain how your remedies work. Please don't take my message the wrong way, I am not trying to be rude or offend you. I am simply curious and interested. Waiting for your reply. Cheers, Iashrai :).
    Thanks +iashrai to write me about your doubt. I'm not taking your query in wrong way or not considering you rude. Your query is welcomed here. Turmeric, lemon, honey, onion contain many nutrients which are helpful for blood circulation. In addition to this, these ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals that are helpful to control cell damage. Hence the combined effect of these ingredients in a specified formula (shown in this video) works well.. sounds like you have a sexually transmitted infection take olive leaf or oil of oregano as an antibiotic to kill the infection or go to an MD to get antibiotics. +Mohammed Farooque thanks to watch home remedies to increase breast size. It sounds like Leukorrhea. Click following link to watch home remedies for Leukorrhea:
    Hi I use almond oil to massage but I got some itchy rashes is it allergic to some people but I am not allergic to almonds.
    +Manisa Gurung if you are sure that you are not allergic to almonds, then the almond oil must have some contents from which you are allergic. Otherwise itchy rashes would not come.. hello Sonia, on the second remedy with tumaric, and honey, how long do we massage the breasts and do we keep the mixture on us Do we sleep when it is on the body or rinse it Thank you.
    +Aysegul Balko thanks to watch home remedies to increase breast size. 1. 10 minutes massage is recommended on each breast in this remedy. 2. You have to keep this mixture on breasts overnight. Feel free to write us for any further assistance..

    +Sonam gautam thanks to watch home remedies to increase breast size naturally. Click following link to watch home remedies for constipation:
    hello mem I'm roksana from Dubai I have problems. woo hea mera joni se priud ke Bad 15 din tak Dahi ke Jesa Bohot jiyada jata hai. kucs upay batayye please Email me kashmictg2 & I'm from Bangladesh.
    +miss Roksana We don't understand your query. Please write it properly in Hindi or English. For example, we don't understand "joni se priud", "Dahi ke jesa bohot jiyada jata hai (kya jata hai dahi jaisa)", "kucs" etc..
    most of your remedies you are using normal almond oil and not sweet almond oil right cause im confused with sweet almond oil, and some said that its better than normal. thank you. your videos have been helpful (:.
    Hello! I'm 15 and I want to know if this will really work on me How many days can I see the difference.
    +Stop, queridinha ! Thanks for watching home remedies to increase breast size. Yes, it also works for teenagers. Time duration for result actually depends on many factors including the purity of ingredients you use, accuracy in following a particular remedy etc.. +Kazi Sohan badam rogan oil. Kaju nahi hai. Almond oil mein aur doosre oil bhi mix nahi hone chahiye, like amla oil ya aur kuch.. mam im 19yrs old,my breast size iz rly small,my weight is 37 im weak,so im gng to do dis,in video u hv show 4 ways so can i do all dat,or only do 1 solution in how much time result will cme. +Sheetal Shingare thanks for writing us your query. All the home remedies to increase breast size can use at once because properties of any ingredient is not conflicting with other..
    What if you aren't 100% sure that you're finished growing. Will it have any detrimental effects.
    +ek thanks for watching our home remedies for breast enlargement. Generally there are no detrimental effects of these home remedies until you have allergy of any of the ingredients used in the remedies, or you have any disease in which these ingredients are harmful.. hiii I m nik my age is 19.mere bal safed hogae hai us ko jadu se kala karne k liye kya karna chaheye plzz tell me n contact me. +Sayed Fardeen safed baal kaale karne ki home remedies Hindi mein dekhne ke liye neeche diye gaye link ko click kijiye:
    Is there a specific almond oil brand, your suppose to use at any kind Can u post a picture of the kind u use.
    mam ple mera period affter 2month ya3month me atta he age 40yer or wait 73kg ple mugey battey ki wait bhout jldi km keisay kro or period be regural aye. +Lalita devi 1. Weight kam karne ke liye hamara ye video dekhiye :- 2. Irregular periods ko regular karne ki home remedies ke liye ye video dekhiye:- +Hema Sharma thanks to watch natural breast enlargement home remedies. Following are the steps: 1. Take some amount of almond oil in palm. 2. Apply it on breast and massage in circular motion for 10 minutes. 3. Take some amount of almond oil again in palm. 4. Massage another breast in circular motion for 10 minutes. Any pill is not told in video so no pill is to be eaten..
    +Lara Farnandis No. Any hair oil is not recommended for breast enlargement remedy. It has some ingredients for hair growth which can grow hair on or near your breast area. Use Badam Rogan oil which is pure almond oil. No other ingredients (i.e. amla oil, shikakai etc.) are mixed in it..

    +ekunji mame vido ply ni ho rahi plz comnt mean lekh dean kon kon c chez ktni mqdar mean mix krni he.
    +mIAN iMRAN Thanks for writing us your question. If video is not playing there, then you can print these home remedies for breast enlargement from our website

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  • January 25, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Women with small tits: I wish I had bigger tits Women with big tits: I wish I had smaller tits Men with small penises: I wish I had a bigger penis Men with big penises: I wish I had a bigger penis.
    +Yee Yee honestly if you're going to be calling me a homophobe just stop, you know nothing about how i actually feel xdddddd.
    I watched part of this yesterday and it bothered me so much that I need to make the comment that this guy really should seek some mental health advice and the place that shoots his penis full of Saline should be shut down that just fucked up..
    Waitt did I read wrong or misunderstand because he said 9 inches. 9 is big sure but not "monster meat" documentary worthy big..

    +kurama ritsuka oh, ew, just...ew. That wouldn't fit in anyone, he just rendered his genitals useless.

    +Senior Adrian Lol, Lets be honest man, nothing you have been shown outside of the guys modified cock is any more nor any less extreme than what can be found in the heterosexual fetish world. The street scene is done on closed streets away from children and those with issues such as yourself. I, myself am a straight man who's not at all into such things shown on this doc, but I don't see them as degenerates simply because what they enjoy doing is not aligned with my personal pleasures. I will definitely agree with you when it comes to this man and his mental state. What he has done is crippling and extremely risky and dangerous. It's as if he has some metal issue about his personal self worth and the attention he receives some how satisfies this emptiness he is otherwise left with..

    +Senior Adrian it's not to show "how homosexual" somebody is. After all how can they prove it more than being homosexual And we know what you mean but homosexuality isn't a scale it's a life state just as being straight is. Straight people spread diseases and the such to prove they're straight, don't they It's the same ignorant question just concerning another group of people. I fit the gay stereotype but it's not because I'm trying to it's just who I am truthfully. It's the same for these people, they enjoy the "leather scene" just as I enjoy creating fashion :).
    i honestly dont feel like scrollling down the comments im 100% sure its a bunch of "cock" jokes.... Prolargentsize natural capsules is a miracle pill that will change your body overnight, It does do what they claim. After 6 weeks, I have noticed a gain of about 1/2 inch and it is also thicker. I have been doing exercises along with 3 pills a day and I am very happy with the way things are going. At this rate I will reach my goal within 2 months. It has also done wonders for my performance in the bedroom. For your bedroom, check it on Prolargentsize website.. Was it a bad idea to watch this one while eating... It was a bad idea to watch this while eating... :(. No women can possibly have sex with him he will cause complications ! I know women bare children but getting penetrating ehhh 😰😟😱😲😖😫.
    3 minutes in, still haven't seen this mythical penis. This better end in some dick sight seeing or I'm going to be pissed..

    Where is the world heading to Germany is one developed society in all aspects but, it seems you're not always blessed with everything! This is just totally absurd, stupid and foolish! All those guys in the video are fucking gay, yuck!!! I don't even want to go to Germany anymore, fuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk!.
    Europe, where are you going After such movies, I understand why some people like Vladimir Putin, who is like last warrior with all this demoralization..
    Yes but can he still get and maintain an erection It would seem that the erectile tissue would not be able to fully function with all that silicon pressing on it..

    I am 22. My friend has suggested me to try Prolargentsize herbal capsule. I got the right result 1 inch in thichness and 1 inch in length. I will continue to buy, I will suggest every one to try it. It deserves it’s price. You order and sit back and watch its miracle on your performance and your size. I found Prolargentsize in internet by reviews..
    One of the dudes at the start, where they complimented his cock, looked like Barry from Game Grumps!.
    Omg this is the cancer of the world society please bomb em please please... I dont want to have kids in a world that sick....

    I was watching gang documentaries. Then prison documentaries. and now I am at a gay leather carneval in Berlin. So don't oin a gang er else you will end up in prison and when you end up prison you end up in berlin wearing leather and latex..

    oh man wasn't expecting that to be in germany...aber himmel arsch und zwirn was für ein riesen ding das is heeeeeee!!!!!!!!.

    What made me go wtf in this video is where he talked about someone penetrating his foreskin...imagine someone fucking you in the dick...that's just...funny :D.

    what an idiot. he probably cant even have sex with that big ol mutilated bag of skin he calls his penis..

    My husband is bigger than him without the use of a pump or a silicone intent thing. And he can get an erection and yes he gets bigger. Yes he can pee normally, yes he can ejaculate, yes I love the size and I love him as a person. Also he's 6'4" and very athletic. He's grown a bit in height... So he may be taller now. Lol!!.

    ok... well revel in your debauchery and sunful behavior... see ho w far that will get you in the end.

    +The Queen Speaks - Reina De Todos No his Penis is actually 6 inches the rest of his penis is just foreskin.
    I haven't seen the whole thing yet. does he show it In America, only pumps are normal. No injections and over doing it..
    Besides the fact that this is by far the weirdest thing I've ever convinced myself to watch... What the fuck is up with his arm.
    +Brad Spalding synthol injections probably, basically an oil that they inject into the muscles to make them appear larger. Google it, it's horrible and actually dangerous, but this guy is fucked up anyway so.... if none of you have anything nice or polite to say then please shut up and not post.if *coughs*enlarging himself makes him comfortable with his body and sexuality then that is his choice none of you are walking in his shoes so cut him some slack and stop being so judgemental. The West is crumbling and I say this as a Gay White male. We have no idea who were are anymore, are identities are completely and irreversibly fractured. I'm not saying religion and nationalism don't come with problems but they are a uniting concepts that at least maintain structure, now I think nobody knows how to feel, what is right or real. We have lost ourselves.. No need to feel stupid. I actually feel empathy for that particular gentlemen. I cannot figure out why a person would have his penis increased to such an irregular and deformed size. No male or female is going to allow him to engage in any sexual activity. He will eventually have to go to a plastic surgeon to reduce and shape his penile gland to a normal suitability...SMH. It's very interesting to see someone so terribly shy with something that draws so much attention, he's visibly terrified by people.. Anyone notices that his right hand is bigger than the left one He must be one hell master of fapping...

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